3115 Tierra de Dios Drive
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
ph: (530) 677-3591


1. Arrive ½ hour before the Mass is scheduled to begin.

2. You should dress appropriately for Mass. Refrain from wearing blue jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, inappropriate short skirts and tank tops.

3. Reserve the top left pew at the rear of the nave using reservation cards as your place to sit.

4. Greeters at the 5:30 Saturday night Mass will need to get the music bookracks from the closet in the View Room, unless they are already out. One bookrack goes by the front door and the other at the right side entrance of the Narthex.

5. When handing out the music books, there should be at least two (2) greeters at the front door and at least one (1) greeter on the side of the Narthex next to the bookrack. Greeters should address each individual person with the appropriate good morning or good evening. Don.t forget to smile when greeting everyone.

6. While handing out the music books, be prepared to invite a family of at least three (3) people to bring up the gifts. Once the family agrees to bring up the gifts, hand them the Gift Card... explaining what they are required to do. The card will basically indicate to the family; (a) when they need to come to the back of the nave, (b) where they will find the large paten with bread and the pitcher of wine when they arrive at the rear of the nave, (c) that their cue to bring up the gifts is when the priest stands and moves to the foot of the altar steps. The gifts need to be brought up at this time, even if the large money basket is not ready. In this case, the money basket will be brought up by one of the greeters as soon as the collection is completed. The money basket should be placed at the left of the altar. Note: If the presider did not come down and stayed at the top of the steps, the gift bearers need to go up the steps of the altar to give him the gifts of bread and wine and not lean forward to try to hand the gifts to him.

7. Soon after Mass begins you should go to the pew you have reserved for yourself. Remember that your full, active and conscious participation in singing and responding is an opportunity to model your faith and can be contagious. Let us try to get everybody involved!

8. Right after we profess our faith and while the intercessions are being read; (a) go to the rear of the nave, (b) remove the collection baskets from the cabinet, and (c) be ready to begin collection as soon as the intercessions have been proclaimed.

9. During the collection, two (2) people should work the left side of the nave and two (2) people work the right side. In order to prevent overlapping of the collection baskets, the person in the back should start his or her first basket with the pew just behind the pew with the insignia (it is the 10th pew). The person doing the collection in the front of the nave should start his or her basket on the second pew and walk the first pew by him or herself. This is because there are usually very few people in the first pew. However, if there are a lot of people in the first pew (9:00am and 11:00am Sunday Mass), start passing the basket on the first pew. If you are going to start the collection on the first pew, you need to be sure that the greeter doing the collection in the back of the nave starts on the pew with the insignia (it is the 9th pew) and walk to the end of the last pew to get his or her basket and collect from the people that are standing at the back of the nave. Please, try to coordinate with the other greeters in your team before the Mass begins.

10. On occasion there is a second collection that takes place right after Communion. In order for the Mass to continue to flow smoothly, please start the collection as soon as the priest sits down and as the Altar Servers are clearing the altar.

11. At the end of the Mass, as soon as the priest.s procession passes your pew, leave your seat to help hand out the weekly bulletins and place the music books back into the racks. The greeters will also need to check the pews for any music books left behind.

12. Also, make sure that the books in the racks are in order and that there are no large books stuffed into the racks with the smaller books. The large books should be placed on top of the racks in an orderly fashion along with the bulletins.

13. Finally, greeters for the 5:30 Sunday Mass need to put the bookracks into the closet in the view room. The bookracks need to be put into the closet as designated by the location drawing on the closet wall.

14. Thanks for all your hard work and please let me know of any problems as soon as they occur so that I can resolve these matters in a timely fashion. This includes greeters on your team not showing up and greeters that no longer can or want to be active. If anybody has any suggestions or ideas for the improvement of the ministry, please call or e-mail me.