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Surviving Divorce Ministry
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The SURVIVING DIVORCE weekly parish program presents the Church's loving wisdom to guide you past the pain. For true healing, we point you to the Sacraments where you'll encounter Christ with all His love and mercy--in a deeply personal way. We invite you to participate with our facilitators and other's also navigating the difficulties of divorce. Teresa divorced in 2009 after 18 years of marriage. She navigated the challenges of becoming a single mom raising three young children and going back to work to support her family. She experienced the family court system, co-parenting, and the annulment process. Pat divorced in 2014 after 23 years of marriage. His two children were in college at the time and, as time has passed, he has experienced the plight of adult children of divorce. He navigated the civil divorce process via an attorney/mediator. Both Teresa and Pat can offer compassionate insights regarding what worked and did not work for them as they dealt with the loss of their marriages, co-parenting, single family income and ultimately healing, peace and a new life after divorce.

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Teresa Greenman

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